History of the Domaine Ravaut estate winery

1. From 6 generations

The oldest documents date back to 1897 and then 1936 on the occasion of the Concours Général Agricole de Paris competition in which our ancestors participated and obtained medals.

It was after 1920 when Gaston Ravaut, known as “the Uncle” began producing wine for commercialization. Direct sales took off and the wine became the main source of revenue.

Les Ravaut 

Then, his son Pierre Ravaut took over. He who could have had a brilliant career (after having passed his baccalaureate exams) decided to spend his life making wine! This very colourful character was able to impose a style that continues today to mark the reputation of Maison RAVAUT.



It was Gaston Ravaut, known as “the Uncle” who began growing the vines and making his own wine for a very local clientele. Mostly friends and people from his village would buy his wine.


“Years ago, mixed farming was very much present in our villages and each one of us lived a bit from the vines but also from livestock farming, grains and fodder.”


In spite of it all, the products were of quality. The inherited know-how resulted in the Domaine estate winning a medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris in 1936 for its Ladoix “Les Hautes Mourottes”.
With that, Gaston earned an excellent reputation in the profession and developed his estate winery in the company of his son Pierre in the 1950s.



Pierre Ravaut was able to produce premiers cru red wines under the name Ladoix, estill rather unknown at the time, which encouraged the curious amateurs to come discover the wines in his cellars from the Corton Mountain. It was thanks to the still growing quality of his products and his passion to make his land known that a number of visitors still come from all over France and Europe today to buy the wine directly from the winery.

But, very quickly, Gaston (“le Tounet”), Pierre’s son, took up the reins in the beginning of the 1970s. He offered even more meticulous care for the quality of the wines which has allowed the estate winery to grow in surface area from 25 acres to the 45 it owns today.




 Nowadays, Pierre and Vincent manage the estate winery, each with their own area of expertise.


Pierre is responsible for the vineyard and aims to grow the best grapes year after year.

Vincent takes care of the vinification, élevage and bottling.